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The “Be A Jewel Fund” is to promote the welfare and integrity of the community and youth in home and in school. To raise the awareness of grandparents raising grandchildren with available resources through community organizations and networks of available services. To meet small monetary grants/needs of grand families, or to assist with emergency monetary grants for needs approved by the “Be A Jewel Fund Board”.

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Ujima is a collaborative community program that aims to enhance the language & literacy skills of children, and to prepare them for academic success!

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Now is the time to protect our communities more fiercely than before. As our communities suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become painfully obvious that we are still not immune to the racism and prejudice that has afflicted this country for generations. We must demand that state, local, and national leaders take every measure possible to curtail the Black death rate and provide an equitable recovery from this COVID-19 pandemic.

The NAACP is calling for:

Deliberate and intentional Criminal Justice Reform that ensures the protection of Black lives, the expansion of the Home Confinement Pilot Program under the First Step Act, and a reduction in sentence for non-violent offenders.
Expansive student loan relief to include a suspension of student loan payment until the economy gains strength, discharge of student loans for essential workers, and automatic cancellation of at least $20,000 in federal student loan debt for all.
Expansion of Medicaid as a short-term measure to cover healthcare for those who are impacted by the pandemic.
Federal funding for states to improve election administration and upgrade voting systems that comply with the CDC standard regarding COVID-19.

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